I read an article recently in FourFourTwo magazine about the ever growing trend amongst footballers to get tattoos. This craze did of course begin with the man who has been ahead of the pack when it comes to fusing sports and fashion, David Beckham. Now tattoos are no bad thing, I think they’re quite cool and are a form of expression. But nowadays it seems that everybody is getting one just for the sake of it. Particularly those pointless stars you see etched across people’s necks or elbows, do these have some unknown meaning I am not aware of? I have none myself, although I have thought about maybe getting one sometime, (Somewhere generally hidden though, like on my leg.) but only recently did I take a look at the people around me, my friends, and get a good look at their body art. I’ll admit some were very unique and eye catching, one friend has an extract from the Bible around the bottom of his neck (I wonder if he even knew what it meant though?), but the majority were either pointless tribal designs going up arms, equally pointless stars and flowery designs, or, and this is by far the worst for obvious reasons, a partner’s name or initials. I then compared this to my friend’s older brothers and sisters, the generation of young adults before me, and 90% of them did not have tattoos. Interestingly, of the few that did have tattoos, most of them had only been a recent addition, done at the very latest only a couple of years ago, save for the odd person who had had them for some time. Now I know the argument that says ‘But what about when you get older and you don’t like them anymore?’ has been done to death and I don’t believe it is an issue anymore, but people still need to think before they ink. Otherwise tattoos will become less of a body art and more of a massive mistake that they will carry around with them for the rest of their lives.


About Luke Duffy

Ridiculously young looking individual with quite the keen interest in sports
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