Game Over

Well… LeBron killed it out there tonight. 38 points, 8 assists and 5 rebounds and the luxury of sitting out the 4th quater as the Heat decimated the Cavs 118-90. The atmosphere was intense but, in truth, after around 9 minutes the Heat had taken the edge off the crowd’s boos with their accomplished perfromance, easily their best of the season to date. The sense of relief was there too, the feeling that this team can push on from here, all 3 of the ‘Big 3’ performing well together for the first time this season. This may well have been the turning point in their season. Credit to the Cavaliar’s though, they tried to make it difficult out there and for the majority of the first quater they achieved that goal. The Heat settled into the game though, and from there their class shone through. A blowout it was, but one of the more entertaining blowouts you’ll ever see.  The King’s return to his first home was brief, but emphatic.


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Ridiculously young looking individual with quite the keen interest in sports
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