As I am from Ireland, I will be staying up late tonight to watch the Miami Heat travel to the Cleveland Caveliers. All the hype is around LeBron James return of course, and although it has been talked about to death, it is at least an interesting storyline that could well define this NBA season. Usually I’ll record a game to watch the next day, but staying up till nearly 4 in the morning to watch this live shows the power this saga has had over the entire NBA.

I’d love Cleveland to win tonight or for Lebron to score 2 points, but I feel it won’t be like that. LeBron will have prepared himself for this, and I can see the Heat winning comfortably as the occasion gets too the Cavs. I also predict some hefty challenges going in on LeBron too. Whatever happens though, it promises to be a memorable night.  More after the game.


About Luke Duffy

Ridiculously young looking individual with quite the keen interest in sports
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