Exit Stage… Brooklyn?

I like Dwight Howard. I like him a lot.

I don’t care that he has gotten bad press, a lot of players do, it’s just a part of being an NBA player. Fans are fikle, the media too. The same people that hated LeBron now love him again.

But what I don’t like is a lack of respect and in particular, commitment to the cause. So if Dwight Howard wnats to leave Orlando, and beleive me he does, then do not stand in his way. Luckily he opted in to stay on a little longer when he signed on for next season in March, and so some assets can be recouped. But the bottom line is, this is not the end of the world.

As far as I can see, Cleveland are doing ok. Look it’s not easy there, and certainly a championship wasn’t won before the Miami Heat as promised, but it hasn’t been that bad either. Nothing is irreplaceable, the Magic have been here before after all. Centers don’t just grow on trees, yet the Magic did once own Shaquille O’Neal. Times will be tough if, when, Dwight goes. He is a player I love to watch and who makes everybody around him better. He is a genuine character too. But the future, scary as it is, might not be as bad as people think. KG moved on, the Timberwolves still grind it out, LeBron of course too, things will be ok, just maybe not right away.

I can’t blame Dwight Howard for wanting to win elsewhere, he gave it a good go with the Magic, what I do mind is not being up for the challenge.


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Ridiculously young looking individual with quite the keen interest in sports
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